Finance for Good enables investment in prevention, amplifying impact while tying financial returns to results as a Canadian Social Impact Bond intermediary

Social impact bonds in brief

Social impact bonds (SIBs) are a financial mechanism that provide investment to social programs in local communities, tying returns to investors to results. A commissioning body – typically the government – commits to pay for the achievement of a desired social outcome, and investors provide up-front financing for the operations of a service provider, receiving a return from the commissioner only if results have been achieved. Learn more about social impact bonds here.

Our Services

Finance for Good connects social service providers, investors, and the government in this arrangement to solve complex social issues with innovative, preventative solutions. Click below to learn how we can help you.



For Government

Government better stewards resources and saves money by only paying for innovative, successful programs

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For Service Providers

Social providers receive a new, multi-year source of funding to expand program reach and improve impact measurement


For Investors

Investors make their communities healthier while earning a positive financial return